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Meet Barb

So glad you're here

Laughter is the same in all languages"

A quote I love is...

Hello and a Very Warm Welcome to my site!!


I’m Barb, a Certified Reflexologist and Energy Practitioner. My calling is to help, and to hold a safe space for people, physically, emotionally and spiritually, with no judgement and sometimes in silence. Whether we are together in person or through distant/remote sessions, a place to Just Be…I will say, there will also be a lot of laughter! I find it impossible to be me, to help others, or to live without it.  I can’t help but think of the song in the Mary Poppins movie, “I Love To Laugh,” as they float when they laugh; it’s how it makes me feel. Just love it and it’s healing!!

I love to help others through Reflexology and Energy work, which can include working with angels, crystals, essential oils and the Divine.  It is hard to describe the joy and energy I receive from a session with the wonderful people I am so grateful and blessed to get to see and spend a bit of time with.  This also includes my husband of 35+ years and my children and grandkids, who also get to enjoy the benefits of these modalities.

I truly, truly appreciate the time you took to stop here for a moment, to take a look and read this. Even if we never meet, I leave you with the energy of Joy and maybe a bit of Peace.

Just Be…


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