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Energy Sessions

So, are you Wondering - What is an Energy Session?

First let’s describe “Energy” in the context of the wonderment of a session and what you may experience. I am talking about life force energy, prana, chi, chakras, your energetic body, otherwise called aura, subtle energy.  It surrounds us, it’s in us, it sustains us and connects us to all things. It is proven thru science that everything is made of energy. 

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” ― Einstein

Some examples of how we experience energy in our lives:

  • Someone asks if you are in a bad mood or you ask them – because you/they sense your/their energy.

  • You go into nature and feel better – you feel the energy of the trees or ocean

  • You walk into a room, especially if there had been an argument or intense conversation and you feel uncomfortable?  That was the energy between those people vibrating that feeling.

  • You go to a party or a home and you feel happy or just comfortable; it has a nice “vibe,” that is the “energy” of that space or person.

  • You touch or take someone's hand and you get a sense/feeling.

  • You hold an object, crystal, jewelry and you feel a tingle.

  • You think of someone and they call/text you.

In all these examples you are sensing, feeling, emanating energy; it affects you and everything around you in a good or not so good way. You feel it in your body or your emotions/moods. It can cause blocks in your energy systems.

Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

~ Albert Einstein

In a session with me...

either in person or remote (which is awesome) - I work with the subtle energies, universal energy and act as a channel to direct that energy to you.  This allows you to use this energy for self-healing, of body, mind or spirit for your highest good. Only your body and self, knows where it is needed most.  Energy sessions restore the flow and balance of subtle energy systems by removing blocks. It is great for all ages.

Keep in mind that ALL healing is self-healing, no matter if you get a session with me or another, that person is NOT doing the healing, they are only a channel, you are your own healer. It is like we are giving you a boost.   The outcome is personal to you and what your journey is for your highest good. Sometimes, unfortunately, we have to go through pain and issues to learn lessons and appreciate and gain insights in our lives. In these cases, an energy session can help bring your stress or pain down and bring you relaxation.

More about remote sessions


Remote or distant sessions are a tuned in energy frequency. Think of how you tune in a radio, tv station, your cell phones or wireless equipment.  They are connected with energy frequencies – all of those you cannot see, but you TRUST and know it just happens. Remote/distant energy sessions work the same way. It is energy that must be tuned to the person it is being sent to. The energy practitioner is the conduit/channel of the energy and it goes to the intended. 

Intentions are usually set by the recipient for what they seek, but the energy goes to what is needed for their highest good. Sometimes we get what we need instead of what we want. The best way to understand an energy session is to experience it.  It is a good way to tune in and get in touch with your body, connecting to yourself, taking the time of "allowing", listening, feeling, knowing what your body, mind, spirit wants you to know. Using all your senses to start you on your journey of self-healing and Just Be.

Sessions can even be for fur babies/pets. Animals usually love an energy session as they are more sensitive and open, so sessions are usually short.


Setting up a remote session


When you purchase a session – I will contact you via email to setup a day and time.  You will be in the comfort of your own surroundings, preferably in a place that you will not be disturbed for the length of the session, allowing you to experience the session to its fullest.  This is not mandatory, as we all know life happens, the energy will still flow to you and you will still receive the benefits.

It will be important to hydrate after a session and maybe make notes or journal anything that comes to mind or that you felt during the session. Sometimes those moments of awareness don't show up until days later, so pay attention after the session as well. You may be surprised as to what comes up for you.

Remote sessions

Energy  Session Offerings

I provide both in person sessions and remote sessions; the pricing is the same. Learn more about remote sessions here.

Use the Paypal button to purchase a remote session. 

30 Min. Remote Energy Session
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60 Min. Remote Energy Session
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Individual Sessions:

30 Min. $45

60 Min. $65


Three 60 Min. $180

Six 60 Min. $350

* Gift certificates available. Contact me for more info.

Other names for energy sessions

There are many names for “energy modalities,” too many to mention, but here are a few – Reiki, which is a Japanese word that literally means Universal life force, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Access Bars, Qigong, Theta Healing, cranial-sacral and the list goes on.

Free Monthly Energy Session
FREE Monthly Energy Session

Join me on the 11th every month for a free distant energy session from the comfort of you own home and from anywhere in the world! Set your intention and Just Be.

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